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How Willoughby Workspaces Benefit Startups And Freelancers?

Businesses often start from home or the basement of the house. However, as the business grows and new employees join in, there is a need to expand the space for working. Working from a cafe for professional work is not the best. It is where coworking spaces comes in. Work culture across the globe is undergoing a revolution because of coworking space. This space provides a fresh way to work and has multiple benefits. Here is how Willoughby Workspaces can benefit startups and freelancers.

1. Cost-Effective

Renting and furnishing an office for a small business does not make sense, especially when facing financial constraints. However, Willoughby Workspaces has a secure high-speed

Wi-Fi connection makes it easy to download anything you need in an instant, along with other benefits like a comfortable desk and on-site cafe, providing the perfect space for professional work. Also, booking space in at Willoughby Workspaces is possible by using our "spaces" app. Therefore, it is the ideal to have an office space.

2. Networking Opportunities

There is a higher chance of meeting new people in a coworking space. When working from home or in an independent office, the networking opportunities are either negligible or often limited. Networking opportunities in coworking spaces can be highly beneficial for startups and freelancers. For instance, app developers of one company can discuss innovative apps with developers from other offices. The coworking space provides new opportunities, which helps bring new perspectives.

3. Flexibility

The coworking spaces offer plenty of flexibility. For instance, depending on the company’s requirements, one could go for a dedicated desk, private office, or an entire floor. The company can book more space in the coworking office as the team expands. Also, most coworking spaces across the globe operate throughout the day and night. It again allows people to choose the times they want to work.

4. Improved Productivity

Coworking space is always vibrant with energy. This lively atmosphere is helpful for the freelancers and the employees of the startups to boost their productivity. Seeing everyone working alone works like a great motivation to increase productivity. Also, coworking space makes it easier for the team members to collaborate. Furthermore, the modern and sleek design of today’s coworking space also provides a physical space to the people where people feel like working more.

5. Meeting Space

Sometimes, startups need to conduct meetings. However, meetings often might be something other than a daily affair. In such a scenario, having a full-fledged office is not wise. However, coworking space, like Willoughby Workspaces, allows you to book a conference or meeting room whenever required. Having a meeting room helps one to leave a good first impression on the clients. Furthermore, the flexibility to book it when needed is again very cost-effective.

6. Access to Modern Infrastructure

Coworking space provides you with access to modern infrastructure. Freelancers and startups are often on a tight budget. It often gives the perception that they will always have limited access to resources. However, with coworking space, one can say goodbye to limited resources without spending plenty of money. A few commonly provided amenities by Willoughby Workspaces are an ergonomic setting, air-conditioned room and secure indoor/outdoor Wi-Fi connections.

7. Professional Image

To bear a professional image of the startup, having a dedicated office space is a must-have expense. One can efficiently work towards building a professional image through coworking space. From luxurious workspace to good infrastructure, coworking space helps make a good brand. Furthermore, it provides startups with an excellent corporate mailing address. Willoughby Workspaces offers locker and business mailboxes, TV's can be used for Zoom calls and white boards, member only key fob access, provide catering for any business meetings/workshops, and free parking.

8. A Work-Life Balance

Freelancers often work from home, which can blur their work-life balance. Having a coworking space helps one make a clear distinction between professional work and personal life. Having a work-life boundary alone allows one to boost productivity. Such balance not only helps in professional work but in having a peaceful personal life too.

Other benefits of coworking space are accessibility to a large talent pool, inspiration for innovation, no operational headache and communal benefit. Freelancers and small startups with limited budgets looking for a professional setup should consider coworking to bring a new way to work to boost their productivity and creativity. If you are new to coworking space and are reluctant to do it, I recommend you move out of your comfort zone to try it.

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