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Mindful Meditation for Increased Productivity

There it is again. That merciless malaise of our generation. That crippling energy that brings us crashing down to earth ever so swiftly (and haven’t we all been there every now and again). What am I on about? Well, it’s stress at work of course! This condition permeates every sense of our being, and our unhealthy dread of work can be seen as a seemingly strong enough symptom. Not just that however, stress bears a rather bleak and uncomfortable connection with productivity and focus as well, something we could all definitely do without.

But take it easy, I'm simply going to trot out the problem without providing you with a more than potent solution. A solution which many of the greatest business minds have embraced as much as adopted as a friend for life. A remedy that has seen them take on the tough times, and come out triumphant and rise above. That friend being mindful meditation!


Simply put, mindful meditation is just the sense of being aware of what you’re experiencing or currently going through. Think of it as a sort of hotline to your senses, your thoughts and emotions, and involves setting aside sometime everyday to practice it. It sounds simple enough though, doesn’t it? But it’s not that easy! That said, if you’re willing to put your mind to work, you might just be richer for the experience. Meditation is great for a huge number of things, as I’m sure you’ve heard, so let’s see what it could do for you and our kind – the first being stress! (How did you guess?)

Lisa DeSico-Boyd has been a personal trainer for over 27 years. She has taught many of her clients how to meditate to help with stress levels throughout the day and calm mind, reset, recharge and move forward with the day.


Mindful meditation helps you relax. It gives you THAT key moment or moments where you step back, see the bigger picture, and realise that whatever it is that’s getting you down at work isn’t quite the ‘be all and end all’. It puts things in perspective, and lessens the burden. This gives you renewed confidence to take the challenge on head on, and succeed while you’re at it. Now, that’s really something, wouldn’t you say?

Eyes on the prize

Mindful meditation puts you right in touch with the things that are most important to you in the current scheme of things, it helps you concentrate, and helps you toss aside almost anything else like an old shoe. Now, you can get your head down, put the blinkers on, and go to town on the task at hand.

Uncompromisingly creative

Think about it, there’s often so much baggage holding you down and bringing you crashing down to earth everyday that there’s hardly any way to let your heart and mind soar, and let your creativity juices flow with abandon. Meditation can unshackle you from these unsightly bonds and all of these unnecessary nagging thoughts, and let you be the best you can be. Significantly also, it can soothe any niggling doubts that could hamper and hinder your creativity, leaving you hamstrung in the process. So now, you can let your creative spirit soar, and accomplish a lot more.

Come across better

Meditation helps calm your jangled nerves! Now, while that’s simply awesome for you, and your state of being at work, it also puts you in the perfect frame of mind to interact better with everyone you come in contact with at the office. In effect, you come across more ‘interested’, genuine and empathetic. I can also say, that this calm and often soothing demeanour could get easily transmitted like a virus (you know, one of the good kinds) from person to person, making for a calmer work atmosphere, overall.

Nikki Ferrito (left) and Maria Fitzgerald(right), will be hosting a Yoga & Mediation Workshop at Willoughby Workspaces August 30th.

Productivity powerhouse

There’s no running away from it – the modern work day demands that we do more than one thing at a time, and in the process, we hardly have anything to show for our troubles by the time closing time comes around. But now when you factor in the several advantages that mindful meditation provides, including, a stress-free workday, something approaching razor-like focus and a sense of unhindered creativity, you are liberated to do more and achieve more. You’d do well to follow my lead and practice a bit of mindful meditation every day. In time, it could be something you look upon most fondly, something that helps elevate you, and could be the secret weapon that helps you rise above the ordinary!

Busy to Balanced Workshop

August 26th 10am - 1pm

Join us for our Busy to Balanced Workshop! We will help you relax, rejuvenate and recharge before the seasons begin to change. During this event you will learn simple and practical tools to help you feel balanced mentally and physically!

Your ticket includes: All level yoga class Guided meditation Guided grounding journal from One Ray Journal Yummy bites from CLE Juice Take home goodie bag Schedule: 10am: All level stretch/yoga with Nikki Feritto 10:30am: Guided meditation 10:45am: Snack break with yummy bites from CLE Juice Box 11am: Intentional self-care routines with Maria Fitzgerald 12pm: Enjoy local vendor shopping experiences

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