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Willoughby Workspaces: We have SPACES!

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

From monthly board meetings to events like baby showers, we have spaces that cater to the entire community!
Who are the spaces for? EVERYONE!
Entrepreneurs, photographers, CEOs, creatives... YOU!
Our Victorian building was built around 1858 and has since been fully renovated with professional meeting spaces, offices, on-site café, and event spaces!

Let's face it: meeting in coffee shops and bakeries isn't the most professional meeting space, right? The smells, the noises, the distractions, and not to mention the internet being open to the public for potential hackers with your financial and sensitive information.

We have the solution!

Willoughby Workspaces—a community hub with connections and creative solutions for your business.

What sets us apart from the others?

Willoughby Workspaces was designed as a networking and local community hub! When you work with us, you're part of a network that is sure to launch new and exciting opportunities for you and your business! If you host an event here, we advertise it for free! If you need a new local connection to photographers or web designers, we have those, too!

We also have a business mailbox option that allows you to make your business's address the same as ours! Why have your mailing address at our location? When a potential customer or client searches for your business, Yelp and Google Maps will show them how close you are, based on their proximity filters. This will lead to more traffic on your site, simply because your location shows "nearby."

More site traffic means more clients, just from a general search. Also, they will see "your" beautiful office spaces on our website...Have you seen our spaces?

Look professional! Not only will you be integrated into our networking web, you will see a difference in your client connections, too. Bringing clients into a professional meeting space is generally overlooked as an essential part of business meetings but imagine, your clients walk into our lobby with an on-site café, they look up to our high ceilings and see the historical charm, they are in awe over the unique ( and fabulously retro) room designs, and they will never forget the interaction they had with you! Talk about imprinting a good impression!

Does looking professional and having a flex-space,

come at a high cost?

Our answer is: not at all! With our office packages, you not only get access to our indoor and outdoor coworking spaces anytime we are open with 45 hours/week access, but you'll pay LESS than $13/hour for an office or meeting room!

Have you compared to brick-and-mortar?

LET'S COMPARE: According to recent statistics, fees in the Cleveland area for a traditional office space will run you on average, $18.14 per square foot!

Let's do the math!

On average, a typical 200 sq. ft office space in Cleveland...

...would cost you $3,628 per month! (OUCH!)

Our packages range from $19-$499/month. (That's WAY less than $3,628.)


You won't have to pay: utilities, lease lock-ins, costly maintenance and office supply fees and more! You won't have trouble parking, have to pay for custodial cleaning; the list goes on and on.

When you're in our workspaces, just come and go on your terms,

it's really that simple.

Pick a new office each time you come to work, and freshen up your work day!

Flexible meeting spaces: come and go on YOUR terms.

Media and Podcast Room!

What would YOU use our spaces for?

  • Board Meetings

  • Get out of my home office!

  • Have a special event on the large outdoor patio

  • Professional meeting space for my clients, tired of Panera!

Did you know? Coworking spaces provide positive work environments that allow workers to share tools, services, and facilities. Studies show that coworking results in 70% of members becoming healthier, 68% of members being better focused, and 64% of members completing tasks in a more timely manner.

That's actually...amazing! Think about it: feeling better, more focused, and achieving more? Yeah, sounds amazing. Make working fun!

Cool things about Willoughby Workspaces:

  • We have great partners and support: Lake-Geauga Habitat for Humanity, Meals of Hope, Fine Arts Association, and Bakin' It Low Carb.

  • We host fundraising events for non-profits.

  • We have an Art Consignment Program for local artists to hang their framed paintings or photos on our gallery walls! (check it out and apply on our website)

  • We are launching a NEW "Local Nook" that will feature local vendor products! Find beauty gifts, art, and everything in between! If you'd like to sell your products in our spaces, just email us or stop in to demo your products.

  • We have a NEW in house Podcaster in our media room: Joe Lattanzio with "Who's Who in Lake County"

  • We are looking to host open mics, wine tastings, and art nights this summer, 2023! Send us your event ideas!


Tour Willoughby Workspaces at The Charlton Abbott


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