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What sets Willoughby Workspaces apart from other coworking spaces

Getting together for your monthly business meeting, hosting a fundraiser, to a surprise birthday party. Our spaces cater to the community!

EVERYONE! We have spaces for EVERYBODY!

Small businesses, creatives, freelancers, attorneys, nutritionists, tutors...YOU!

Our historic Victorian, built in 1858 is fully renovated with professional offices, meeting spaces, outdoor patio, on-site café, and event spaces!

Make A Lasting Impression

Often, the significance of ushering clients into a refined meeting environment is underestimated in the realm of business meetings. Picture this: as your clients step into our lobby adorned with an on-site café, their gaze rises to our lofty ceilings, embracing the historical charm that surrounds them. The captivating, fabulously retro room designs further captivate their attention, leaving an indelible mark. The memorable interaction they share with you in this distinctive setting is bound to leave an enduring positive impression!

We Also Offer Business Mailboxes

We offer business mailboxes that allows you to make your business's address the same as ours! Having a verified Google My Business listing with a business mailbox contributes positively to your local search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Google uses various signals to determine the relevance and prominence of a business in local search results.

More site traffic means more clients, just from a general search. Also, they will see "your" beautiful office spaces on our website...Have you seen our spaces?

We Got You Covered

Experience the freedom of our workspaces where you won't incur expenses such as utilities, lease lock-ins, expensive maintenance, and office supply fees. Say goodbye to parking hassles and custodial cleaning costs – the list goes on.

When you choose our workspaces, enjoy the simplicity of coming and going on your terms. Select a new office every time you work, and rejuvenate your workday effortlessly!

DID YOU KNOW...Coworking spaces provide positive work environments that allow workers to share tools, services, and facilities. Coworking spaces can alleviate feelings of isolation. Being part of a community can provide a sense of belonging and combat the loneliness that can come with working independently.

Studies show that coworking results in 70% of members becoming healthier, 68% of members being better focused, and 64% of members completing tasks in a more timely manner.

That's amazing! Think about it: feeling better, more focused, and achieving more? Yeah, sounds amazing. Make working fun!

What's Cool About Willoughby Workspaces

  • We host fundraising events for non-profits.

  • We have an Art Consignment Program for local artists to hang their framed paintings or photos on our gallery walls! (check it out and apply on our website)

  • Book your HOLIDAY PARTY with us! Celebrate with your employees, family, whoever is on your Christmas list! We can also cater your event too!

  • Get your pictures taken with Santa & Mrs. Clause! We'll have cookies and hot coco, holiday music, vendors to shop!


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